Coffee Machine - Mina Smart Bar

Mina Smart Bar

Let's play with profiles!

Have fun and create your coffee sound. Find the right extraction profile for each coffee or play with the same one by setting different profiles. Cool being a dj, isn’t it?

Mina Smart Bar 1
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Mina Smart Bar 2

Turn App the music

If you want something better, tune your Minas espresso machines with the exclusive app and make them play! Just tap on the app: control more Minas at the same time, set different extraction profiles for your coffees, save your best recipes and keep on playing with our Digital Flow Regulation.

Enjoy a new coffee experience

With Mina Smart Bar you can have different coffee corners for different coffee experiences. A traditional multigroup machine will never give you such flexibility and potential.
What are you waiting for? Find your coffee sound!

Mina Smart Bar 3
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