Woo CafE'

Mar 27, 2020

Walking into Woo Cafè is like entering a dimension where beauty takes on different forms: flowers, plants, art and - of course – coffee, are embroidered in an idyllic atmosphere.

Creativity is key at Woo Cafe, Art Gallery & Lifestyle Shop, in the popular Wat Ket neighbourhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand: “Woo Cafe was born from a dream to create the perfect environment to relax in either with friends or by yourself. Our desire was to deliver this atmosphere through a romantic fusion of contemporary art and friendly service.”

Peeking through the bushes of plants and flowers in beautiful vases, is a commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte EVO2, that every day pulls perfect and consistent shots of coffee for Woo’s mouthwatering menu. Plants, art, and also tempting snacks: their wide selection of heavenly treats is ideal to pair up with an espresso or a flat white.

Enjoy Woo’s extraordinary coffee experience, surround yourself by majestic nature and explore the beautiful artwork on display as you sip your cup of coffee.

Woo CafE'