The DC group head, lead-free and precise

Jun 26, 2020

This is a picture of the top part of a Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine group head in lead-free material. It is made with two special brass alloy alloys, CW 501 L and CW 509 L, that comply with the FDA rules on the channelling and treatment of water for human consumption. These are the result of an extended research that was conducted in order to meet both the FDA rules and Dalla Corte’s own high manufacturing standards.

We can also see the heating element that is usually hidden inside the group, a copper heating coil with a power of about 800w, designed to work even without water and not damage or burn itself. The extremely precise temperature probe can be seen sticking out the left side - temperature is key as it considerably affects the coffee’s aromas, body and taste.

Creating a patented independent brewing system was crucial for Dalla Corte, it doesn’t just mean having complete control over the temperature in the group, it also means constantly good coffee, any given cup.

The DC group head, lead-free and precise