Profile flow and aromas with Danilo Lodi

Apr 05, 2017

We asked our Coffee Pro Danilo Lodi, World Coffee Events international judge, to show us how to take advantage of Mina’s espresso machine technology to obtain different aromatic flavors while using always the same high-quality coffee.

The coffee variety used is Yellow Obatã, from Cristais Paulista in Sao Paulo State (Brazil) and it is particular because roasted for filter coffee. The results are extremely original. Let’s see.

We first used a standard profile, setting Mina as a traditional machine, with constant water flow on the coffee cake. After 24.6 seconds of extraction, you perceive high acidity with grapefruit notes, strong maple syrup sweetness, slight pear notes and juicy body.

The second coffee tasting was made using an ascending profile, with the water flow constantly increasing at intervals of 1.5 seconds. You perceive strong pear and red berries flavors, medium malic acidity, sugar cane sweetness and a vanilla finish.

In the third profile, Danilo maintained a very gentle water flow on the coffee cake over the entire extraction, by slightly increasing the 2 initial steps and maintaining the flow constant up to the end of the extraction.

In this last case, the aroma changed again, with slight pear notes, strong Porto wine taste, delicate acidity, medium silky body with a chocolate finish.

Mina’s potential is really infinite and allows us to recreate ever different feelings, thanks to the possibility to regulate the water flow starting from an actual pressure of 0 bar during pre-infusion (the most important phase of the entire extraction, during which 80% of aromas are determined).

With Mina’s new App, you can set your profiles for different coffees, save them and easily replicate them. 

“It was fun to use Mina to create something nice and different with this coffee, because in theory it was roasted for filter coffee!”

Danilo Lodi

Profile flow and aromas with Danilo Lodi