Onesto cafE', special and specialty

Jan 29, 2020

“Our coffee shop is special, and our coffee is specialty”, Onesto Cafè in Cancùn, Mexico, is the third-wave spot you were looking for!

In the heart of Cancún, in the area known as DoCA (Downtown CANCÚN) at Mercado Negro, lies this stylish little coffee shop, where drinking coffee becomes a ritual for specialty appreciation. Onesto only serves specialty coffee (so scoring 80 points or above on the 100-point Coffee Review scale) roasted by Cafè Estelar, one of Mexico’s most awarded and recognized coffee roasters, born from the enthusiasm of our Coffee Pro Fabrizio Sencion! Turning these amazing coffees into delicious espressos, a shiny Dalla Corte XT White which steals the scene on the granite counter.

Why not go classic with a flat white, or order an expertly made macchiato, using Estelar beans' wide selection of delicious single-origin coffees, rigorously coming from the best plantations in Mexico. As Onesto’s folks say: “Nuestro café es especial, y de especialidad”.

Onesto cafE', special and specialty