Fabrizio Sención Ramírez


Tell us something about you.
My name is Fabrizio and I come from Guadalajara (Mexico). Currently, I work mainly as barista at 5pm – my coffee-shop. I like making coffee, selling it and talking to my customers. Caffè Estelar and 5pm are the places where I spend my day.

What about your hobbies?
I love football – Go, Milan, go! – as well as authentic beverages such as beer, schnapps, mezcal, which are fruit of great traditions.

A day without coffee...?
No coffee, no life. A world without coffee would be a lack of respect.

You’re good at...?
Establishing relations with people from different nations and cultures – all connected by their passion for coffee, that is.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
I love drinking a good coffee at 5pm, but the most amazing coffee-shops I’ve found in my world travels were in Seoul!