Anete Dinne


Tell us something about you.
My name is Anete, originally from Latvia. I graduated from The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, so my background is based on a holistic vision of production, technology and food culture. I fell in love with coffee while working in Italy, in a coffee R&D department, where I was introduced to the sensory richness of it. I am currently the Project Manager of 80plus, a specialty coffee roaster in Barcelona. A proud Q Arabica grader.

What about your hobbies?
Traveling and exploring new cultures through food and coffee which are probably two of my biggest passions.

A day without coffee...?
Is sleepy and a sad day! I prefer not to start my day without coffee, but if it has to be a bad one, I guess I’d prefer to go back to bed.

You’re good at...?
Languages, I love socialising and being able to speak to people in their own language, if possible! And of course, cooking, but only if I can cook for somebody else.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
Well, that really depends on the day, the season, the time of the year, my mood or the weather. I don’t really have a specific coffee spot, but I’d like to find one at a beach seafront.